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Did you know…?

July 4, 2018

Did you know Orchard Walk Retirement Community opened October 1999?  We are currently 19 years old!  And whats really great is that we still have staff working here, that were here on that opening day in 1999!

Orchard Walk is such a unique community.  With 15 beautifully landscaped acres, a petting zoo, yes, a petting zoo!  Our residents love to sit under the gazebo and watch the ducks run around, hear the sheep (Sweet Pea & Peanut) and their silly noises, our mini horse, Mitzy, and our elk and deer can be found wandering around the property, fenced in of course, and we can’t forget about our three cats, Katty, Luna and Liam, all best friends!

We also like to point out the courtyard, it’s a very cheerful place.  The colourful flowers, patio tables with umbrellas, gazebos with tables and chairs, and a swing to relax on and read a book, or people watch, or meet up with friends and catch up!  The courtyard is sectioned off with our raised garden beds where residents are assigned their very own garden plot to be creative with.

Needless to say, our maintenance team works hard at keeping the grounds top notch.  There are so many little spots to take a seat and enjoy the outdoors.  Oh! I didn’t even mention the salt water pool!  It’s an outdoor pool and it’s heated!  The pool is open daily, and we have Aquafit every Tuesday led by an instructor.  Exercise in the water is fantastic for your joints!

It’s difficult to create the vision, so why not come by and see it for yourself!

Give us a call at 613-821-2233 and ask for Amie

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